Thursday, January 11, 2018

Moultrie Mobile Wireless Field Modem MV1 (Field Review)

Final Analysis: The MOULTRIE MOBILE WIRELESS FIELD MODEM MV1 did very well overall in our 12-week, real-world field test. We give the unit an 8 out of 10.

It’s only real weakness was a rather cheesy design for securing it with a Python-type cable (but we feel no matter what you do, a thief who really wanted something strapped to a tree is going to get it).

Battery life was good, and we have little doubt that it would have been better had we used the suggested lithium batteries.

The fact that every modem needs it’s own data account with Verizon means that it could get rather costly if you added very many of these units to your field-scouting arsenal, as well. (Just something to keep in mind).

The real question to us is this: would we buy another one of these units? (We aren’t given these units, we buy them with our own cold-hard cash). And the answer is a resounding YES! These units revolutionize the way you scout using trail cameras. And we believe the wireless design is the future of trail cameras. I plan on picking up at least a couple more for next season. They keep you from scaring animals because you don’t have to barge in periodically to pull memory cards. And, perhaps most important, they let you hunt what is currently happening instead of what has happened! This means you can sneak in and hunt stands that are hot right at that very minute! A HUGE advantage for sure and one that we have taken advantage of ourselves.

The Test:

The Moultrie Mobile Wireless Field Modem MV1 is used to connect to a suitable Moultrie camera so that images from the camera can be transmitted electronically to be viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device.

The camera takes the picture and, presto, the picture is pretty much immediately visible on the device!

But does Moultrie wireless modem work?

That is the question.


The Moultrie Mobile Wireless Field Modem is small and lightweight at 18 ¾ ounces or 1.17 pounds (with a full set of 8-AA batteries according to my digital kitchen scale) (easy to transport)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive to Investors

If money will solve specific problems for your business or grow the company faster, you’re in a good place to decide if raising money is right for you. While raising money is definitely not a quick and easy process, it can be used as a massive lever to push your business to the top.

If raising money is something that you’re confident will take your business to the next level, here are ten ways to make yourself and your company a more attractive investment:

1. Surround yourself with experts.

Being surrounded by great people is always solid advice. In this case, have an advisory board filled with mentors, coaches, consultants and advisors. It doesn’t matter if its formal or informal, but just having one shows that you're aware that you don’t know it all and have people that can help you see the bigger picture.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Accelerators Helping Startups Grow to the Next Level

The increasing number of startups is related to more than the economy growing again. It’s a chicken-and-egg scenario. It's unclear which came first, the rise in startup accelerators or the number of startup founders looking for help. What we do know is that there are new accelerators and incubators popping up around the world to help these startup founders develop their ideas into viable businesses.

Startup accelerators provide advice, resources, events, connections and mentoring beginning in the early stages of a startup. While some startup accelerators specialize in certain industries or technology, others are willing to assist all types of startups. Admission to an accelerator program doesn't guarantee success but it is offers help every startup founder can use. Consider one of these top accelerators when you are ready to take your startup to the next level:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 Common Financial Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid

Every entrepreneur and business owner will make a few financial mistakes during their journey. Those who aren’t savvy in accounting often overlook the need to brush up on their financial IQ. Truth is, these little financial errors can lead to some serious cash flow problems if you aren’t careful. Here are four financial mistakes you can easily avoid so you can protect your bottom line.